New course: UNIX filesystem

Meredydd is starting a UNIX filesystem course on the courses mailing list. It will cover the UNIX filesystem, its structure, how it works, and the cool things which can be done with it.

People can select the topics (courses in our case) that they wish to subscribe to by modifying their subscription options.

The course will cover how the UNIX filesystem is mapped onto physical devices (hard disks, CD-ROM drives), fake devices (heard of /proc, even used it a bit perhaps, but don't know how it works?), and even other machines over the network. You will also learn how to automate mapping and unmapping sections of the filesystem to various devices (this is called mounting and unmounting), change which bits of the filesystem are visible to which processes, and more. Meredydd will also digress into specific implementations of the filesystem confusingly also called “filesystems” and explain what this journalling thing is about, what RAID is and how it works, and how to boot from a RAM disk.

This course is aimed at users who are reasonably confident with the shell and have root access to a UNIX system.