Spineful Living course running on the courses list

Carla Schroder has been running a course called Spineful Living since the end of March. (The title she really wanted for this course was how not to be a doormat but instead a confident person who gets what she wants and doesn't waste half her life kicking herself for being a spineless wuss.)

This course is open to everyone. You can check out existing posts in the archives and sign up for the mailing list here. Lessons will run approximately one per week for however long it remains useful and interesting.

The course covers a rather wide territory:

  1. Developing useful defense mechanisms for a number of common situations
  2. Learning to command respect and make people take you seriously
  3. Setting positive goals and going for them
  4. Taking charge of your life and doing what you want, rather than letting yourself get knocked thither and yon like an aimless chip on the waves