State of the 'chix: coordinator chat 0900 UTC, May 28

The LinuxChix coordinator, Mary Gardiner, is planning to begin IRC chats with the LinuxChix community approximately fortnightly. Each chat will last for an hour. The idea of the chats is to just for everyone to be able to talk about the LinuxChix community: who is doing what, what we've achieved recently, what we'd like to achieve in the near future. There will be no formal agenda.

The first such chat will be held in the IRC channel #linuxchix on the server The chat will be held from 0900 UTC on May 28 for an hour. (Please keep in mind that this is still Sunday in a very few locations!) To find out your local time, please see the conversions.

We realise this time is bad for people in North and South America and that some people in Europe may be working and not able to get online. The chats will be moved around in the week and in time so that periodically most people will have a chance to take part. Mary will post summaries of the chats, but logs will NOT be made available.

If you're not familiar with IRC, see our beginners' guide and we recommend trying to get on IRC prior to the event itself so that you don't miss it.