Kernel IRC chat, June 12 2007, 12:01am (0001) UTC

Welcome! Please come join us for a LinuxChix The Guru is In chat on IRC. The topic is Everything you ever wanted to know about kernel development but were afraid to ask, featuring long-time kernel developer Valerie Henson.

This is your chance to ask questions about kernel development and related topics and get polite helpful answers immediately. Want to know why coding style is such a big deal? How people get into kernel development? If drivers are really that hard to write? If Rusty Russell is as funny in real life as he is online?

The chat will be held on June 12 at 12:01am (0001) UTC. This will be Monday, June 11, at 5pm on the U.S. West Coast and Tuesday, June 12, at 10am on the Australian east coast. For the time in your time zone, see

IRC details:


Channel: #guru

If you have never been on IRC before or just want to brush up, we suggest reviewing our IRC beginner document, joining #beginner (type /join #beginner in your client) and asking for tips first.