Girl Geek Dinners in New Zealand

New Zealand Girl Geek Dinners started in Auckland in November 2007 as an offshoot of the London Girl Geek Dinners.  We now have a group started in Wellington and coming soon, a group in Christchurch.  

The aim of these get-togethers is to provide a welcoming atmosphere and a platform for learning in an informal environment, to make technology accessible and to be of interest to all age groups and all people, particularly women, whatever their background.  It is an opportunity for like-minded 'girls' to talk about technology over food and drinks.

Amanda Jackson, the organiser of the Auckland GGDs, reports finding that women from outside of the IT industry joining up as well which is great, especially as a few of them are interested in finding out how to move into the IT industry. 

The Wellington GGD has been organised by Linuxchix members Brenda Wallace, Manjula Kumar, Jo Eaton, Jes Hall, and Jo McLeod.

The next New Zealand event is in Wellington on the 12th March, and the next Auckland event is planned for the 27th March.  

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