Video footage of the January *2008* LinuxChix miniconf now available

The video footage of the January *2008* LinuxChix miniconf (ie, the one

that was held a year ago at 2008 in Melbourne) is now

available online.

Talks with available footage are:

- Heroes (Pia Waugh):

- So you want to be a sysadmin (Joh Clarke):

- Not-common-enough code optimisations (Jacinta Richardson):

- Memcache (Brenda Wallace):

- Who’s Behind Wikipedia? (Brianna Laugher):

- From behind the monitor (Adaora Oniya):

- Community work, adult education... (Kylie Willison and Robyn


- What does a community manager do? (Stormy Peters):

Video of the AussieChix microconf (October 2008) and parts of the 2009

miniconf is expected... fairly soon.

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