Haecksen miniconf @ linux.conf.au: call for participation (closes Sept 30)

The Haecksen miniconf to be held on the 16th January 2012 at linux.conf.au in

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, is calling for participation, particularly

speakers and panellists.

Please submit proposals by 30th September.


With huge recent increases in the number of women speaking in the

linux.conf.au main program, this year, the Haecksen miniconf is moving away

from general technical talks by women and towards discussing and

highlighting activities and events supporting women in open source.

Women's advocates


The Haecksen miniconf seeks people involving in advocating for, promoting

and mentoring women and girls in technology in general and open source in

particular, for talks, panels and collaborative planning sessions. We are

seeking people who are involved in organizing, working or volunteering for

any of the following:

- mentoring programs such as Summer of Code and GNOME Women's Outreach

- technical training programs aimed at girls or women

- women's development groups such as Debian or GNOME Women

- women's networking events such as Girl Geek Dinners

- groups or individuals highlighting hinderances for women in technical

culture and careers, such as Geek Feminism

We are seeking both short (10 to 20 minute) talks and panel participation on

these subjects, please let us know whether you are interested in giving a

talk, being on a panel, or both

New tech speakers


This year, Haecksen specifically invites women who are not experienced

technical speakers to consider giving a technical talk at Haecksen. Talk

slots will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Speakers will be also

invited afterwards to a small and private feedback session with experienced

women public speakers, who will discuss ways to prepare your talk for a

larger technical conference, including the linux.conf.au main programme.



To submit a proposal for the Haecksen miniconf, email us at

unicorn@haecksen.net before 30 September. Include your name and some

information about what you want to do. An organiser will get in contact with

you about it.