Email list etiquette

This is an archived site. Information is out of date, site functionality is greatly reduced (no search, etc.), some links are broken and email addresses have been replaced with "address removed". Please see the current LinuxChix site for up to date information. This site will eventually be removed.

Keep LinuxChix posts to subscribers

Please do not forward messages sent to LinuxChix lists to non-subscribers. If the message was posted to list publically archived on LinuxChix (some of the technical lists are publically archived), you could give other people a link to the archived copy of their post.

The copyright of any message sent to LinuxChix lists is owned by the author of the message, and is only free for redistribution if the copyright owner specifically allows it. You therefore mustn't forward LinuxChix messages off the LinuxChix lists without specific permission from the author. If they didn't give such permission in the body of their message, you could mail them and ask for it, but please respect their decision either way.

Members make posts to LinuxChix on the understanding that they will not be redistributed offlist. Some members make personal posts trusting in this understanding. LinuxChix has successful mailing lists that discusses sensitive topics and these can only function based on this understanding. Members forwarding posts offlist therefore breach this understanding with the author and with LinuxChix, hurting both the author of the message and the function of many of the LinuxChix lists as a whole.

Do not set up public archives

Any lists not publically archived are not archived for a reason. These reasons include letting people have sensitive personal discussions without making them available for searching and reading for years to come. You must not archive our lists or otherwise republish them.

Do not forward third-party material

Please do not post material to the lists that was not written by you, including articles and forwarded material, unless you are certain that the copyright owner of the material allows redistribution. Otherwise you are violating the owner's copyright. If you come across an interesting article that you want to discuss, you should post a link to the article and a summary of the parts you found interesting. If it is not available online, the only thing you can do is post a detailed description of how to find it (author, title, journal/newspaper/book title, publisher and so on).