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Feminism is an attempt to make the world as fair as possible, with a focus on eliminating unfairness to women. Women should be able to do any job they are physically capable of and qualified for—so should men. So should the disabled. So should elderly people, young people, those of any race and those in any location.

Well, that's the ideal. It is unlikely that someone will be able to manage a Kenya game park from New York City. Ever. But within reasonable, realistic limits, feminists want male kindergarten teachers, female CEOs of major companies, wheelchair-bound presidents, and poor third-world villages with clean water and schools.

Many of the Linuxchix over about thirty report personal experiences of discrimination. Many of the Linuxchix under about thirty report that they haven't seen any. This is a very, very hopeful sign.

On the other hand, look around you. Look for local politicians of whatever races are minorities in your country. Look at the gender balance. Look at anyone in power in your local country, your local city - whether that power is monetary, political, legal or military. See for yourself whether the spread of power is even over race, gender, and (within reasonable limits) physical ability.

Consider how your local community and legal system would treat your younger sister if she was attacked, perhaps raped. How about your younger brother. How about if you (and they) were of another race? How about if they were disabled?

Would a male be welcome as a kindergarten teacher? A female? How about head of a major newspaper? A bank? The military?

If they would be welcome, how would they behave and dress? Could you imagine your female newspaper head pregnant? The male kindergarten teacher as a body-builder in his spare time? Now think again about race. Now about disability. Now mentally locate these people in a third world country. Now in New York City (or if you are in NYC, try London.)