Is LinuxChix solely for women? Are the lists solely for women? How about the chapters?

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LinuxChix is intended to be an inclusive group where everyone is and feels welcome. We do ask, however, that everyone keep in mind that it is primarily inteded as a womens' group. What this means is: sexist remarks are unwelcome. In fact, Deb originally asked that everyone avoid all sweeping generalizations: sexism can be targetted at men as well, which is also significantly uncool. All the silly -isms are discouraged and will not be tolerated: sexism, ageism, racism, etc.


No, the lists are for everyone, with the exception of the list, which is women-only.

As long as people are generally polite and helpful, anyone is welcome on the other lists. The LinuxChix co-ordinator reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please try to remember that these are lists primarily meant for women. Act as if your mom/sister/daughter were subscribed, and everything should be fine :).

This is a list for respectful and supportive discussion of issues regarding women, linux, and their intersection. Discussion of gender issues is encouraged, however we're striving for an environment free of the same old patriarchal influence we face at work and from the other high-tech boy's clubs.

--Taken from discussion on the list.

Remember the posting guidelines: 1) be polite, 2) be helpful. That's all we ask.


Some of the chapters have found it necessary to restrict their membership to women. Check the chapter's individual guidelines on the website, or ask the chapter's membership.

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