Studies that have used LinuxChix as subjects

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April 2005

FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) survey


In this two-part survey, once again supported by the European Union, we would like to find out, first, how learning is organised and perceived within the FLOSS community - by which we mean the universe of all those who participate in FLOSS-related activities, regardless of their beliefs or degree of activity. We also want to understand better the role/situation of women within this broad community.

Participants are invited to take a survey at

FLOSSPOLS deliverables D16 and D17

April 2005

Research on open source team collaboration and team spirit

Jesper Mazzen

We are two students (night school, day time developers) struggling to gather

info on team collaboration and team spirit in open source projects. We are

going to use your answers for analysis, and compare it to closed source


Q&A posted to the issues


Not known

April 2004

Psychology dissertation

Suzi Anvin

Demographic questionaires

Not known

October 2002


studies of nonprofit organizations that use Linux for their office


Reuben Silvers and Anders Schneiderman of The Nonprofit Open Source Initiative

Survey was available at

Not known

August 2002

Research on for-women e-community

Jinzhou Huang

The formation, structure, function, and social impact of

women-only electronic communities such as website and listserv.

I would like to invite users who are above the age of 18 to take a short survey.

Not known