grrls-only list guidelines

This is an archived site. Information is out of date, site functionality is greatly reduced (no search, etc.), some links are broken and email addresses have been replaced with "address removed". Please see the current LinuxChix site for up to date information. This site will eventually be removed.

Grrls-only is a women-only list for general purpose discussion related to Linux. Grrls-only is a good place to find female mentors and role models in the Linux field, ask technical questions you're afraid to ask anywhere else, and generally provide that I'm not the only one! feeling. If you are female, interested in Linux, and looking for a peer group, grrls-only might be the answer.

On-topic subjects are anything to do with women and / or Linux. Also on-topic are discussions that you would not want to have on a list with men subscribed. However, keep in mind that this is a Linux list and most discussion should be related to Linux in some way.

This list used to be used to teach Linux kernel development, but we've now started two separate lists (open to all and publicly archived), Programming, and Techtalk. The kernel hacking lessons are available in web form here . Kernel-related questions are still on-topic, of course.

The goal of this list is to provide a friendly environment to encourage women interested in Linux. Part of that friendly environment is a no-tolerance policy for flames (personal attacks) and trolls (posts intended to create controversy for its own sake). Flames are inappropriate whether they are sent to the entire list or to individual list members. If you are being flamed off-list, the list administrators would appreciate having the message forwarded to them. List members who break the no-flames, no-trolls policy will be unsubscribed. You should also read the LinuxChix Policy FAQ before posting to this list.

Discussion may get heated or just busy on occasion and the volume of mail sent may spike. If you find it overwhelming, you might want to wait a week and try again when things have calmed down (you can temporarily disable your subscription), or try one of our other mailing lists.

You must be female to join this list. If the answer to What gender are you? is more complicated than Male or Female, it's up to you to decide if this list is appropriate for you or not. Remember, the point of this list to provide a female-friendly and female-only environment where women can discuss experiences common to being a woman within modern-day society.

Please take note: after using the form below to subscribe, your subscription will not be processed unless you also send an email from the address you are subscribing to grrls-only-owner-at-address-removedaffirming:

  1. That you are female, and
  2. That you are interested in Linux

There are no archives for the grrls-only list and we ask that no one retain public archives of this list.

No quoting of grrls-only emails offlist is allowed and neither is forwarding them, unless you got permission from the author of the post.